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Program Descriptions

Horsemanship – Ages 4+
Our Horsemanship program is not just a  riding lesson but ultimately a complete program for learning about equestrian behavior, safety, animal and equipment care associated with the equestrian hobby in addition to riding.

This program features two weekly sessions: one for riding and one for horsemanship education. The program is hands on with equestrian care and rider preparation.

Pony Pals – Ages 2~5
Pony Pals is a perfect for a younger rider’s introduction to horse lessons. With a focus on horse education and safety in a group setting that helps younger riders feel more at ease.

This is a weekly introduction lesson with a focus on not only on riding but also education regarding equine care, behavior, and more. These very hands on lessons help prepare a younger rider into a confident and able horseman.

For the safety of our riders, staff, and equines we require that all new students must take at least one Private lesson first.

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